Kris LaBelle - Canada's bad boy of Comedy! Bring your brand to life with Canada's own Comic Superstar. Brand representation, product placement and comedy event sponsorship.
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Kris LaBelle is the type of human who might have been a Viking in a another life.

LaBelle has a rare and wild sense of humor that’s based off keen social observations and personal opinion. He’s spiritual, fit and in tune with Mother Nature.

You’ve stumbled onto the ad profile of the comedian formally know as the “Bad Boy”. This former MMA analyst has turned his life of chaos into a life of laughter. An actor, artist and producer LaBelle has successfully sold out 85 shows in only 5 years. He’s been seen on The Score, TSN, Fight Network and Super Channel. He’s also been on the big screen.

LaBelle is an artist on the rise. With over 25,000 fans this comedian has no problem in the spotlight. He even has his 9 year old son Dominic as his opener. ...And now Kris is ready to represent your company or brand like no other comedian before. Brand Ambassador, product placement, comedy scripting... Kris does it all! Let's get your brand noticed by one of the funniest guys in the comedy circuit.


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Comedy Event - Headline Sponsor $3,000.00 CAD 25,000

Comedy Event - Supporting Sponsor $1,500.00 CAD 25,000

Brand Ambassador $5,000.00 CAD 25,000

Social Media - Product placement/Branded comedy videos $2,500.00 CAD 25,000

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