we helped trent get sponsorship so he can simply focus on the fight.

trent's story starts here.
he had a problem.

Born and raised in Cochrane, Alberta, Trent House had his first pro MMA fight in June 2013. Already a seasoned amateur fighter, turning pro meant that Trent could now start earning a fight purse, as well as enter the lucrative sponsorship opportunities in the growing sport of mixed martial arts.

However, even seasoned/established fighters in the UFC – the pinnacle of the sport – are limited to the amount they can earn as a professional fighter. Sponsorship dollars equate a huge portion of income, allowing fighters to both train and live. Canadian fighters have an even harder time marketing themselves in this space.

enter advertiise.
we had the solution.

When it came to marketing his sponsorship packages for his first pro fight in 2013, Trent turned to advertiise to help sell his sponsorship packages, and generate revenue for his fight in front of his home-town crowd.

Trent successfully raised $12,000 of local sponsorship funds through advertiise, so he could keep training and focus on his pro career.

In total, the exposure advertiise brought gained Trent 6 different local sponsors. These companies were largely independent energy operators who saw the value in supporting an MMA fighter, and having their branding displayed in front of potential demographic targets in their local market.

Trent’s success proves it: an online marketplace allowing brands (and independents like Trent) to have a broader reach, and ability to list unique opportunities, is needed for modern marketing and advertising success.

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