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Bootkik is Alberta's top content provider for entrepreneurs & the SME world

Currently, we have the ability to capture the attention of the Alberta small/medium enterprise (SME) & entrepreneurial world.

We’re building content in a platform, like Netflix, that is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to be inspired, learn and engage with entrepreneurs in the province. Every month, we have +500,000 unique people view our content (+2 Million Impressions), with +90% of those viewers being based in Alberta.

This makes us Alberta's largest small/medium business and entrepreneur content creator.


Here are a couple videos we have been sharing:

Jamie Clarke: Entrepreneurialism is Like Exam Week, 52 Weeks a Year
Brett Wilson: Future Opportunities for Calgary Entrepreneurs
Uber: The Story of Uber's Calgary Origins

Bootkik on CTV News:

We have incorporated an advertising model into our content, it offers an exceptional value for anyone looking to increase their presence in the SME world.

For companies looking for huge brand exposure, we're priced much lower than any competitor.

One major advantage, is that we create the content at no cost to you. Many clients have saved thousands of dollars in content creation costs.


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Social Media Video Sponsorship (+7.5K Impressions) $425.00 CAD 7,500

Social Media Video Sponsorship (+10K Impressions) $500.00 CAD 10,000

Social Media Video Sponsorship (+15K Impressions) $825.00 CAD 15,000

Social Media Video Sponsorship (+25K Impressions) $1,500.00 CAD 25,000

Exclusive Podcast Placement - The Bootkik Podcast $250.00 CAD 10,000

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