Ad Caddy - golf course advertising Strategic golf-course marketing that targets an affluent and influential demographic. Ad Caddy has a network in which businesses can market on specific golf courses, in which we offer advertising space on various mediums.
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Golf course marketing offers a unique advertising experience that helps you reach affluent and influential demographics.

Ad-Caddy is an inescapable, distinctive medium that allows you to communicate to potential consumers in a relaxed outdoor setting over a substantial time frame. We offer a wide range of marketing products ranging from:

* Golf carts
* Driving range dividers
* Hole signage, and
* GPS digital systems

Ad-Caddy has strategically utilized space giving our medium good positional selectivity, high repeat exposure, low cost, and low message competition. We sell the ad space, manage the portfolios and maintain the advertisements. Ad-Caddy was first established in November of 2010 and was incorporated in 2012.
Here's some demographic stats which might surprise you:

- 65% purchased a new vehicle in the past year
- 84% own a home and have made home repairs in the past year
- 87% plan to travel on a vacation in the next year
- 77% consumed alcohol or wine in the last 30 days
- % of Golfers based on population: 68%
- Total Number of Golfers: 112,000 +
- Golf rounds played in Southern Alberta: 241,480

Our Golf network includes the following courses in Southern ALberta:

- Paradise Canyon Golf Resort
- Henderson Lake Golf Club
- Lando Lakes Golf Course
- Evergreen Golf Centre
- Magrath Golf Club

- Desert Blume Golf Club
- Medicine Hat Golf & Country Club
- Cottonwood Coulee Golf CLub

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OOH - Golf Cart - Full Cart Advertisement $294.00 CAD 110,000

OOH - Golf Course - Driving Range Dividers $389.00 CAD 110,000

OOH - Golf Cart - Digital GPS Unit $429.00 CAD 110,000

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