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It started with a fridge.

In 2011, advertiise founder Mark Vella owned a gym. He needed more revenue, but couldn’t decide whether to spend more marketing dollars to increase memberships, or find another revenue stream completely.

The former seemed like the obvious choice, until he noticed the soft-drink fridge in the corner of the gym. He got the fridge for free from the soft-drink company, but always knew their products didn’t align with the values the gym promoted, unlike the supplement store around the corner that would really benefit from having their logo on that fridge, as well as their supplements in it. He struck a deal with them to do just that, and with that successful handshake advertiise was born.

Since then, advertiise has grown to become a business solution for, not only, small advertising buyers and sellers (like Mark and the supplement store), but large buyers and sellers too. Our platform has expanded the advertising community, by connecting buyers to more inventory, and sellers to more buyers.

Advertising, as we know it, has been around since the 1700s. Since then, the core process of buying and selling hasn’t really changed that much. Buying and selling the majority of traditional advertising still requires a phone call. From a buyer perspective, this process is tedious, opaque and archaic (considering they can buy almost anything from their mobile phones). From a seller perspective, this process is cost prohibitive, an inefficient way to move inventory and requires a sales team.

advertiise connects buyers and sellers, big and small, through an online marketplace. Pricing is transparent, opportunities are global and searchability is intelligent.

Our two ii's represents our buyers and sellers, and the supply and demand that keeps them connected through our platform. Our community consists of 3,500 users and over 10,000 ad opportunities; and we are growing every day. Our platform will get more ii's on listings, and more listings for more ii's!

Welcome to the new generation of advertising – advertiise, the home of advertising space.